The Most Innovative Space to Hold Your Next Meeting


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While the coffee culture has exploded in recent years with people doing so much of their digital work from beautiful handcrafted tables amongst their piers, long gone are my days of holding purely conversational meetings in coffee shops – at least for me. Over a year ago, I decided that I do enough ‘sitting’ in my home office and started suggesting we do ANYTHING BUT when I have a meeting with a new or ongoing client, friend, or fellow traveler.

The most innovative space to hold a meeting…Sitting is Out. Experiential Meetings are IN!  Take your business outdoors and explore while brainstorming ideas amongst your creative selves. Surround yourself with a naturally stimulating environment, up your endorphin levels, and maybe, just maybe, produce a more innovative thought process along the way.

Here are five directions you might want to steer your next experiential meeting:


I often suggest nature walks with new clients. It’s a great way to get to know one another in a beautiful setting they may not have been to before. Some of my best ideas pop up while I’m in motion through nature. Bring your phone or a small recording device along to capture the incredible ideas that begin to flow each step of the way.


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Photo by Live Like You’re Traveling/Muhsien Lee

When you’re meeting someone for business who’s new to town, show them your favorite local juice or coffee spot and then take your drinks and hit the streets. If it’s afternoon and summer, ice cream is even better! Here’s me strolling through town with the Tourism Authority of Nevis learning all about the island.

I also recently did this with a travel industry professional who had never been to the island I live on. We walked, talked, and I was able to give her local insight on some of her personal preferences to experience over the next few days. This can also make a first meet up much more relaxed and comfortable rather than just sitting and staring at each other faces for an hour.


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If you live near the sea or any sort of body of water for that matter in the spring, fall, or summer, head out for a paddle together on a glassy calm day. You’re close enough to have a conversation and still get a dose of upper body activity while working out your mental muscles. Here’s one of our creative board meetings in Anguilla at Ani Villas.


If you’re traveling and have a meeting with someone you can get too close for comfort with and remain comfortable, book a ‘couples’ or double massage room and work out the message as you get your body worked on in a relaxed atmosphere. If it’s a hot stone massage, you’re really killing two birds with one…you get the idea. I’m trying this one when I head to Thailand next month.


If you’re meeting over a lunch, get delicious takeout and take to the park, a garden or better yet, if you live on an island, the beach for a swim. Sunshine is always a win.

So next time someone calls the meeting, you call the shots. Get creative and make it into an experience they’ll be inspired to pass on.

: May cause extreme ripple effect among the people you introduce this concept to.
Have you had a unique or innovative meeting experience? We’d LOVE to hear about it in the comments below!

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