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While you might find it in guide books, you won’t find it flooded with tourists. As wild boar heads line the streets shops, Norcia might just be furthest thing from ‘Vegan Friendly’ I’ve ever seen.

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Except for the truffles. I guess truffles would be acceptable. You’ll discover this town in Umbria, a little over an hour from Perugia. The beauty of a drive will keep your passengers eyes occupied along the way. It feels a little medieval upon arrival. No cars in the town center. And all of the butchers? They are women. Very kind women who when I was filming wouldn’t stop feeding me.

We sat for another sampling of assorted meats at Bianconi, then went back out for some Truffle Tasting. I had one of those OMG moments when I spotted a massive truffle on the street-side.

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While most of my travel souvenirs are photos or short films, I find gems now and again that I fall in love with and can’t help but find room to take them home. Every single one of those far fetched finds gets a compliment when someone lays their eyes on them.

After wandering the streets and tight corridors, we picked up a few different truffles and made our way towards the car. A man sat under a tent hand sewing precious leather. And as I looked up at all the divine things he had handcrafted, I spotted it: the leather satchel I had been dreaming of for over two years. It was the perfect caramel messenger bag. I bought it right then and there. When you take something home, it should tell a story. Every time I sling that soft leather over my shoulder or unbuckle it to pull something out, the rush of how I felt that very time and place overcomes me.

I’m not sure if this talented craftsman remains in the square I left him in 4 years ago, but every time someone tells me ‘I LOVE that bag! Where did you get it?’, it feels like I’m transported back to that moment.

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