There may come a point in your creative career where you tend to become a little too comfortable in your own style. In order to constantly push myself, I do a few different things. One I’ll share with you today is finding other creatives who have a similar passion and drive, and heading out to create work together.

Travel Vlog

I want to invite you in for a behind the scenes look at a recent shoot where I met up with photographer Kirsten Alana in NYC. We spent the day photographing one another around NYC incorporating pieces from HANLEY, a NYC based clothing line where each collection is inspired by a destination.

Our aim was to recreate images of Cuba-like scenes in NYC with looks from their Cuba inspired spring collection. Spaces like Tacombi on Bleecker Street and the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park were a perfect fit.

When we visited the Hanley showroom to choose our looks for the shoot, there was one floral red dress in RESORT collection that stood out and we couldn’t help but bring it along on our days adventure.

Enjoy a behind the scenes look and some of the final images I shot of Kirsten in the dress with tips on how to create some similar looks of your own. Just click the link.

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