There are a few special places you visit that play over and over in your head like a song stuck on repeat. The breathtaking beauty in the southwestern corner of Utah was one of those for me when I flew into St. George for a glamping trip. Though the airport is small, the experiences are vast.

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Visiting St. George

Centered amongst a thriving arts scene, a multitude of tastes, and endless outdoor adventures, St. George is the perfect home base to explore all the region has to offer. St. George is known as the Gateway to the world-famous Zion National Park. If you’re into biking, trust me when I say you’ll want to make road cycling part of exploring Zion. Waking up with the sun and watching it paint the scenery as you wind through it on two wheels is exhilarating and equally peaceful. Canyoneering is another fun and active way to explore one of Zions secret canyons while immersing yourself in the nature.

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Four State Parks to Explore

I bet you’ve heard of Zion National Park, but did you know Utah offers four other breathtaking State Parks within 15 miles of St. George?

Snow Canyon State Park

Hollywood films like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid give Snow Canyon a reputable photo-worthy name. Hike across or soar above in a Hot Air Balloon over the 7,400-acre burnt orange Navajo sandstone and volcanic rock. It’s one of those places where you feel put in perspective as to how tiny we humans actually are.

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Quail Creek State Park 

If you’re the off the beaten path explorer, run for the hills of Quail Creek State Park. This hidden gem is a mere 14 miles from St. George, where a large lake sits at the bottom of the Pine Valley Mountain. Fishing fanatics, boat and ski enthusiasts, and campers rejoice. This one’s for you.

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Sand Hollow State Park

Ride the dunes of Sand Hollow red sand dunes. The park also has its own lake nearly twice the size of Quail Creek. The turquoise blue water contrasts the surrounding orange atmosphere perfectly.

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Gunlock State Park

Located only 15 miles northwest of St. George, hike over red rock slabs and extinct lava cylinder cones and refresh yourself in the tranquil waters of Gunlock Reservoir year round.

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When To Explore-All The Seasons

Summer to the snow-capped season, exploring St. George and surrounding areas of Southern Utah is beautiful any time of year. With a milder climate than other parts of the state, fall seems just perfect for exploring endless offerings mother nature has presented. As the weather gets cooler, it makes for a nice time to hike a little longer or climb a little higher.

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St. George and the surrounding national and state parks offers a little something for everyone. Which park or place would you set foot on first?

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