EAT + EXPLORE INNSBRUCK: A city guide to this mountain town

Driving into Austria is like a dream: seeing the snow-covered Alps tower over you and stretch on for miles and miles. And tucked right between the bases of the Karwendel mountain chain in the north and the Patscherkofel in the south lies Innsbruck: the combination of a bustling city, a mountain town and so much history here.

Innsbruck proudly boasts its culture and heritage. There are boutiques around every corner in the old town, many that focus on classic design and beauty. Just around the corner from the famed Golden Roof in the old town center plaza is Feinheiten, a small boutique that sells handmade Austrian and German products. You’ll find everything from clothes and jewelry to small furnishing and paper goods – made only in small quantities both ecologically and socially sustainable.

Innsbruck town, Austria, old villageold village, Innsbruck, Austria

There are also a number of Austrian products sourced straight from the nature that surrounds Innsbruck. Acqua Alpes, a perfumery also found in the old town, creates perfumes, bath and body products and home fragrances using fresh water straight from the source: the mountains. It takes twenty years for the water to filter down the mountains around Innsbruck, becoming purified and enriched with nutrients. Acqua Alpes proudly uses this water for the base of their products, and Innsbruck takes pride in having some of the freshest water around.

Imperial Palace, Innsbruck, old town

So don’t be thrown off by its mountain town label – this city is filled with trendy spots from Austrian classics to South Asian cuisine, and we’re here to give you an Innsbruck city tour. A town where travel offers the best of all worlds.

EAT + EXPLORE INNSBRUCK: A city guide to this mountain town

On The Sweet Side

The color scheme alone will put you in a good mood even before you have your first cup of coffee. Haepinest is a chic vintage-styled breakfast spot on the other side of the river. The Açai bowl creation was spectacular, and my friend had a scrambled egg plate with chorizo and beef. The drinks were amazing as well: hot coffee, sweet chai lattes and fresh-pressed orange juice were a great way to start a day of explorations.

foodie, breakfast, Innsbruckfoodie, acai bowl, Innsbruck, breakfast

A great little spot with a cozy upstairs for dining, Manna will feed the vegetarians soul. Schnitzel and cafe please!

spetzel, vegetarian, foodie, Austria

If you think a café that just hit the scene wouldn’t have much personality, you would be proven wrong by Brennpunkt. This hole-in-the-wall coffeeshop hidden under the railroad is bright and open, with very minimalist decoration. It created the most perfect atmosphere to enjoy the most amazing nougat croissant I’ve ever tasted. They also roast their own coffee and sell it at other Innsbruck boutique stores. The café was on a soft-opening until the end of March, but after talking to the owner, it sounded like he had a big vision for the future of Brennpunkt. It’s definitely worth checking out!

coffee, cafe, Innsbruck, foodie

With a full display of strudels in the window, it was hard not to stop for a bite at Strudelcafe Kröll. In addition to the strudels, they have an array of the most amazing donuts and other sweet pastries. The inside was reminiscent of an elegant wine cellar, complete with stone walls and a rounded ceiling. Strudel is a must-eat in Austria, so we had a sampler of three different kinds: chocolate cherry, classic apple, and hazelnut.

strudel, dessert, Austria

Although Cafe Katzung is a little on the touristy side, it’s for good reason. It’s located right near the main square by the Golden Roof, but serves up the most spectacular apfelstrudel (apple strudel) and gourmet hot chocolate..

foodie, dessert, strudel

EAT + EXPLORE INNSBRUCK: A city guide to this mountain town


Innsbruck, exploring, meat, market

This trendy little joint outside the old town is the go-to for gourmet bagel sandwiches. Hopping onto the American bagel sandwich fad, they take their menu to the next level but keep their beers and soft drinks local. I had a lox sandwich, which was composed with your typical salmon, chives and cream cheese, but they also added a seaweed salad that completed the experience. My friend had the avocado tornado: avocado, egg, arugula, tomato, bacon.

foodie, bagels, Innsbruck

After an evening on the town, Machete Burrito is the place you’ll want to be the next day for lunch. Fill out an order slip and they’ll serve up fresh homemade sodas (we had mango, so refreshing!) and a burrito that will leave you feeling anything but hungry. Additionally, the staff is extremely friendly and moves around the restaurant chatting with customers, giving the restaurant a unique social vibe.

foodie, burrito, Innsbruckfoodie, restaurant, Innsbruck

In traditional fashion, we sat on the floor and enjoyed an incredible Nepalese meal. It is similar to Indian, the biggest difference being that Nepalese food is less spicy and less vegetarian-friendly. I had a cashew and coconut sauce over rice with naan bread and a mango lassi.

Weisses Rössl is the oldest restaurant in Innsbruck, dating back to 1509. Everything from the decor to the servers’ outfits is in traditional Austrian style accompanied by authentic cuisine from the Tyrol region of Austria. I had a traditional meat dish and a crepe for dessert. Definitely share the dessert. The entree portions are large!

dinner, Innsbruck oldest restaurant, foodieInnsbruck oldest restaurant, foodie, dinner, cuisine

EAT + EXPLORE INNSBRUCK: A city guide to this mountain town


If you want to hang out where the locals do, Cafe Moustache is the place. Hidden down a narrow side street, the bar has comfy couches and chairs to lounge on while chatting with friends. Right outside of the entrance to the bar is an indoor, terrace-like seating area covered in plants, giving it an authentic outdoor patio feel.

drinks, Innsbruck, local

Popular among locals, this second story upscale bar is the perfect place to belly up and grab a glass of bubbles.

bar, Innsbruck, drinks


On a clear day, taking the cable cars up to the top of Nordkette is a must-do in Innsbruck. To get to the top, you take three different cable cars up the mountain, passing over forest, ski slopes, and snow-laden trails below.

Innsbruck, lookout point, Norkette, cable cars

Get into the olympic spirit since the winter games were held in Innsbruck in 1964 and 1976. If you’re extra adventurous and love a good stomach drop, try the OlympiaWorld bobsledding. This is one I’d love to go back for.

Innsbruck is surrounded by mountains, so you could guess that it’s a big ski town. The easiest and closest station to get to is Nordkette, but the slopes are pretty steep and narrow. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to travel a south  and check out the ski stations located on the Patscherkofel mountain range.


Adler's hotel, luxury hotel, Innsbruck, best boutique hotels

If you want a memorable night on the town without even leaving your hotel, Hotel Adler’s got it all. Just around the corner from the train station and a short walk from the center of town, Hotel Adler has an amazing view of the city and the mountains. The hotel was designed with the view in mind, so panoramic windows on every floor of the hotel allow everyone to benefit from the view. The bedroom decor creates the perfect atmosphere for taking in the beauty of the surrounding mountains.

Adler's, luxury hotel, Innsbruck boutique hotelboutique hotel, luxury hotel, Innsbruck hotels

If you want to escape your room, the best place to go is up. If it’s daytime, head up to the 11th floor and unwind at the spa. One offering I found is their infrared cabin designed for two people, pictured below, which include benefits of detoxification and improved circulation among others.

Adler's spa, beauty, luxury hotelsAdler's spa, beauty, luxury hotels

On the 12th floor, you’ll find the restaurant and bar with a panoramic view of Innsbruck and its mountains. Adler’s Bar provides the perfect relaxing atmosphere in the evening, and also hosts a DJ every Friday and Saturday night accompanied by beautifully presented cocktails.

bar, Adler's bar, rooftop bar

For a place whose identity is caught between city and mountain town, Innsbruck has a lot of personality. Whether you prefer the outdoor adventures or the city buzz, Innsbruck is the best of both worlds!

Innsbruck, Nordkette, old town

This adventure was partially sponsored by Innsbruck and Austria Tourism but as always thoughts and words are all our own.