Photographer Katie Kaizer and myself were chosen to take part of the#DominicaChallenge, a contest where six teams of two creatives are flown in from around the globe to the island of Dominica (pronounced dahm-in-EE-kuh) to explore and create a film of their experience.

Welcome to our interactive travel guide where you, the viewer, can guide yourself through the adventure! There will be a series of menus which pop up throughout the film where you will have a limited amount of time to click when prompted. If you don’t pick, a random journey will be selected for you.

For the best user experience, experience the film on your desktop or laptop.
If you’re viewing on mobile devices, please download the free app when prompted to get ready for a truly one of a kind travel experience!

Enjoy the many ways to Discover Your Inner Explorer and begin your adventure!

Thank you to everyone involved!
Dominica Authority
Mike Kraabel
Nathan Eide
Todd Bolin
Bolin Marketing
Sheldon Casimir – Filming Location Consultant
Bruno – Driver + Location Consultant
Ras Julie + Family – Carver featured in film
Morris George – Centenarian featured in film
The People of Layou – the Fishing Village Featured in Film
The People of Soufriére Fishing Village
Anchorage Hotel: Hotel Whale, and Dive Center
Picard Beach Cottages
Lime Dominica
Hotel the Champs
Rainforest Riding
Champagne Reef Snorkeling
Ti Kwen Glo Cho Hot Springs

This film was produced by Kristen Kellogg of Border Free Travels and Katie Kaizer of Katie Kaizer Photography.