photography + words by Kristen Kellogg

Throughout the past year, I’ve had incredible journey including meeting new people through instagram and on travel press trips. I travel solo most of the time, or with a group of people I’ve never met on a press trip, but on occasion when I get to pair up and create content with other travel creatives, I’m overjoyed and always inspired in the end. Because working together is so much more fun, I wanted to share some of my favorite ladies to get creative with. These are five talented women I’ve been able to spend one on one time with – virtually or in person – strategizing and implementing ways to push our own creativity to new levels while working together.

Amy Lynne Hayes –

Amy and I met while collaborating with our friend Lacy (mentioned below) on putting together the first #CaptureAnguilla: a luxury skillshare retreat for creatives. I call her up often now to help me reorganize my media kit, for help looking over copy for client projects, and I’ve been helping her with ideas for incorporating film into a new project she’s working on.

I appreciate Amy’s mindset to know what she wants and how she strategizes to get herself there. Amy wears many hats including artist, designer, writer, and woman who enjoys a good glass of wine. Continuously planning her next adventure, Amy is a true lover of travel. Her blog Creatrice Mondial, translating from French to “global creator”, covers everything from yearly reflections to crazy adventures to tips on how to make the most of your experience. She also writes for LuxeinACity, Stuart Magazine, French Quarter Magazine, among others, and has also been featured on digital publications such as A Luxury Travel Blog, Contented Traveller, and That’s Paris Anthology.

Amy is launching a brand new site, The Global Creator, before the end of 2016. It will be a collection of designer goods by makers and artisans around the globe infused with experiential travel. Get a preview here. I’m excited to be working with her on some cinematic stories for the new site.

Follow Amy:

Instagram:  CreatriceMondial TheGlobalCreator

Twitter: @CreatriceMonde

Kirsten Alana –

Kristen Alana, travel blogger,

Kirsten Alana and I worked on a shoot with Hanley NYC inspired by Kirsten’s trip to Cuba this spring. You can view more of the images from our shoot here. I appreciate Kirsten’s passion for creating unique photography always accompanied by a thoughtful caption to reflect where she’s at in the world.

This fascination led her to become very involved in both the digital and social media worlds. In addition to being part of the #Imagelogger program with Samsung, Kirsten has tested camera and smartphone technology for companies such as Google, Lensbaby, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony, and most recently Leica. With a following of over 200k, Kirsten considers Instagram to be her favorite social network, where she has established herself as a major influencer and source of advice and inspiration for all things travel. And if you love all things France, check out her latest collaboration on Instagram, #TheFrancophiles.

Follow Kirsten’s Adventures:

Instagram: kirstenalana

Twitter: @KirstenAlana

Snapchat: kirsten.alana

Lacy Colley Yamaoka –

Lacey Colley, travel blogger

Lacy and I met through instagram. We planned a retreat in Anguilla together with Amy Lynn Hayes (mentioned above) becoming fast friends throughout the process. Lacy and I got to travel together for a second time around in Thailand with Ani Villas Koh Yao Noi, making creative work together, getting to know the locals, and spending a few extra days in Bangkok. I appreciate Lacy’s innate sense of style and ability to also adapt to new environments, and for the kindness in getting to know the people she encounters on adventures.

Lacy writes about Experiential Luxury Travel for outlets like AFAR media, Luxury Retreats, and Travel & Style Canada. She has been featured as an expert traveler for publications like Skyscanner, Orbitz, and one of our featured foodies, the Dining Traveler.

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Instagram: theexpate

Twitter: @LCYamaoka

Snapchat: lcyam

Jessica Van Dop DeJesus –

Jessica Van Dop DeJesus, travel blogger

Jessica and I met at #CaptureAnguilla last year and had an amazing time traveling together in NYC for a weekend during the NY Travel Show and tasting some incredible global cuisine. Jessica is one of the smartest ladies I know.

I appreciate Jessica’s penchant for finding off the beaten path places to dine, her business-minded thinking, and her willingness to open doors and share information, and how she is not afraid to speak her mind.

A Veteran Marine, Jessica found her love for travel while on duty. Having been to an impressive 41 countries (on and off duty), Jessica only has plans to see the rest of the world. Now a resident of Washington, D.C., Jessica writes about the local food scenes and the best spots in town.

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Instagram: diningtraveler

Twitter: @DiningTraveler

Snapchat: diningtraveler

Aida Mollenkamp

Aida Mollenkamp, travel blogger, food blogger

Aida and I met met on a recent press trip for #84PerspectivesOfThailand. Capping off the trip, the two of us were flown south to work with Sri Panwa, a luxury resort in Phuket. We spent two days creating images and film clips together. It was nothing but fun exchanging ideas and being able to photograph her around the property. I appreciate Aida’s passion for finding what’s new and exciting in whatever destination she’s visiting and making it her own.

T.V. host, author, and editor-in-chief of Salt & Wind, Aida infuses her curiosity and love of the new in all of her experiences as an expertise on travel and food. A SoCal girl at heart despite having traveled to over 30 countries and 35 U.S. states, Aida offers lifestyle advice and recipes that are both effortless and tinged with adventure. Her personality and expertise have landed her as the on-camera host for Ask Aida on the Food Network, Foodcrafters on the Cooking Channel, and In The Pantry on Yahoo!, and her cookbook Keys To The Kitchen is the perfect go-to for at-home cooks looking for ways to adventure in their own kitchen. You can catch her exploring hidden food destinations as the host of Tastemade’s Off Menu series

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Instagram: SaltAndWind AidaMollenkamp

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