BERMUDA: Time For You

An island rich in history, Bermuda’s blues and pinks will leave you in awe as you fly into or sail around the island. If you’re seeking relaxation, great golf, or interacting with really nice and knowledgeable locals, you’ll love this island.


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RW Tuckers Point Beach

*Bermuda’s water source comes from rainwater collected via their white roofs.
*Bermuda is actually composed of 181 islands.
*Bermuda has some 150 limestone caves to explore.
*Bermuda’s sand is pink – formed from a tiny organism which grows on the underside of the reef, its red skeleton is the pink sand you see which has broken down and washed up.
*Bermuda has more golf courses per square mile than any other place on earth.
*Bermuda has no sales or income tax.
*Bermuda’s main source of income is from international business. Tourism comes in second.
*It’s totally acceptable to wear shorts to meetings…if they’re Bermuda Shorts.
*You can’t leave Bermuda without having a Rum Swizzle from the Swizzle Inn.

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RW Tuckers Point

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Sul Verde – Napoli Pizza


Rosewood Tuckers Point (featured all throughout our film above) is a sophisticated, comfortable property with a staff full of personalities. The rooms include a beautiful oversized tub for soaking, dual vanities, and a large patio overlooking Castle Bay and one of their two pools with stylish private cabanas just below. A third infinity pool can be found just down the way at the Beach Club. In season, you can dine al fresco at its restaurant Sur Mer. This simple yet refined and fresh menu is packed with local flavors.

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The Beach Club – RW Tuckers Point

Another on property dining option includes casual and perfectly seasoned tastes at Sul Verde. For an upscale experience, dress the part and dine at The PointThe Swordfish Ceviche with local hibiscus, cilantro, red onion and corn is a recipe you’ll want to take home. The chef actually printed the recipe for me!

For hands on rest and relaxation, Sense spa is its own little haven. Lounge under the perfectly ruffled pink umbrellas surrounding the plunge pool before a treatment. Many of the spa packages offer local concoctions and include leaves from the trees in the zen courtyard garden. Something else unique toSense is their 18 head Tag Shower with an array of options to massage every inch of your body – one of only seven made in the world.

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RW Tuckers Point Spa

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Unfinished Church – St. George

The property is so fascinating from it’s well equipped offerings to eye drawing design elements, you’ll likely never want to step off of it, however make sure you do – at least for an afternoon – to stroll the streets of UNESCO World Heritage Site St. George.

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Governors Alley- St. George

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Tobacco Bay

Just a short hike over the hill from UNESCO World Heritage Site town of St. George, you’ll find this jaw dropping view of Tobacco Bay great for shallow snorkeling, bellying up to the nearby beach shack bar and grill, or simply enjoying this view from up top and afar.


On the far west side of the island, booking with Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa for a few nights is a great choice. The place has a classic feel with traditional hospitality and great big balcony views of the harbor.