When I up and moved to Queenstown, New Zealand for 4 months in 2009, I parked myself in a hostel for 8 days while I tried to find a decent shared apartment for rent. In the hostels you see many different people come and go, and the bars that the hostels promote are those to budget backpackers which include cheap shots that give you nasty hangovers. I went out to one of those, and thought surely this city has something more to it. I eventually met a girl named Katie who had been living there for a few months. She opened my eyes to the great local nightlife and the bar I ended up tending. Over the next 3 months, I got to know so many local hangouts. Here are a few places definitely worth a stop when you make your way through Queenstown.

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MINI BAR: A Beer Lovers Paradise, bring a group of your friends and have your own little party in this 6 seat bar to yourself.

BARMUDA: With 50-plus cocktails and an array of CHAMPAGNE for expensive taste, this is the perfect place to blow your first work visa paycheck with late night dancing on the bar on occasion.

BARDEAUX: Great for afterwork cocktails!
BOTSWANA BUTCHERY: Dinner and a great glass or bottle of wine on the deck overlooking the breathtaking lake.
THE BUNKER: Relax on the balcony with a craft cocktail next to the fire pits.

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FLAME Bar + Grill: For Meat Eaters, try this delicious South African Cuisine on the grill.

THE MORNING AFTER FUEL: Kick that hangover with a kick-ass breakfast & coffee at JOE’s GARAGE.

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