I’ve found that when you’re ready to disconnect from the world and venture into the best of undiscovered landscapes, it’s time to leave the mainland. Whether you’re looking for adventure or to just bask in the sun of never-ending beaches, island life is the perfect answer. Not sure where to start your island-hopping? I’ve gathered my eight must-see spots for the ultimate island experiences.

As full of natural beauty as it is in cultural discoveries, Bali is perfect for breaking up days full of snorkeling and beach-combing with trips to the island’s many magnificent temples. What I love about Bali is that you can appreciate the lushness of this beautiful island while protecting it by staying at some of its eco-friendly lodgings.  (I recommend checking out Big Tree Farms Bamboo Chocolate Factory while you’re there –you can see my film about it here).  

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An island covered in untamed forest, it’s easy to lose yourself in Dominica’s wildness. This getaway offers some of the most unique natural landscapes of the Caribbean, from its vibrant rainforests to the incredible Boiling Lake. Experience the island’s nature up-close and dip into one of its hot spring spas. Check out my interactive guide here to see some of the best sights of the island before you go.

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Friendly and knowledgeable locals, great golf, and rich in local history, Bermuda is more than its gorgeous skies and beaches. A collection of 181 islands, you can spend your days trying out some of the incredible spas here or sightseeing at places like UNESCO World Heritage Site St. George, or, one of my favorites, Tobacco Bay to enjoy the jaw-dropping view.

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Even after living here for the past eight years, Nantucket has never stopped amazing me. From the vibrant sun-up scenes and beautiful beaches that range from perfect surfing spots, secluded escapes, family-friendly hangouts, to the awesome collection of stores and restaurants that line the downtown, Nantucket has an adventure for everyone. See my some of my favorite places on Nantucket in my recent feature on Domino.com here.

Ani VIllas Anguilla

Nestled in the Eastern Caribbean, Anguilla offers the region’s classic turquoise water and white sand. Explore the picturesque beaches, surprises like mountain biking the eastern side of the island, and relax at one of the island’s amazing luxury resorts.


The perfect mix of local and luxury, Nevis invites you to kick back in the shade when you’re not exploring the island’s rich history–the ruins of Hamilton Estate make great sightseeing. Make your way to Bath Village to lounge the natural hot springs and on Friday night head into town to try some great local BBQ and street food.

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Saba, scuba diving

Minutes away from St. Martin, Saba is a little island packed with opportunities for adventure. While the island only offers one beach, it would be impossible to stay away from Saba’s waters. Known for its incredible underwater Marine Park scene, snorkeling and diving are a must here to see the amazing marine life and dramatic dropoffs.