A Yucatán Spa Experience (it involves chocolate)

After a week spending long hot days photographing under the bold Mexican sun of the Yucatán Peninsula, climbing ruins and laying on the beach, my skin was starting to feel the need for some love and care. I enjoy seeking out spa treatments where they use local ingredients, so when I arrived at Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort in Cancun with one last night to relax, I had my eye on the Yucatán Spa Experience Cacao Charm body scrub/wrap at the Spa Del Mar.

I’m no stranger to Cacao and where it comes from. The very first short documentary I filmed in 2011 was on a sustainable chocolate factory. When ingested, cacao has some wonderful benefits, but this sweet treat is actually just as beneficial ON the skin – high antioxidant levels (which help in blocking free radicals in the body), vitamin C, magnesium, and omega-6 fatty acids, which aid in protecting the skin and promoting healing at the cellular level, just to name a few.

Spa Del Mar at Sandos Luxury Hotel

I walked through the pool area and downstairs to Spa Del Mar to check in for my treatment, quickly trading in my coverup for a towel taking full advantage of the other offerings. When the dedicated sauna and steam attendant appeared to greet me, I followed her into each room, as she placed a fresh thick towel under where I’d lay and placed cucumbers over my eyes covered with a refreshing chilled washcloth.

While relaxing in the waiting room with slippers on my feet, an orange-infused glass of water in my hand and a warm bean neck pillow around my neck, the soothing sounds of the water fountain provided a tranquil atmosphere. The serene textures of the room and classic black and white stone floors put me at ease.

Yucatan Spa Del Mar at Sandos Luxury Hotel

A Yucatán Spa Experience (it involves chocolate)


The treatment started off with an exfoliation. Along with its countless other benefits such as fighting signs of aging, preventing breakouts, and evening out skin tone, I always feel fresh after an exfoliation.

cacao at Spa Del Mar - Sandos Cancun

Next, I lay wrapped in an almost cocoon like state covered in a cacao ‘mask’. I could feel the cacao seeping into my pores. I finished off the treatment with a chocolate tonic, a whipped body butter designed to lock in moisture for total rehydration. I was so relaxed, I nearly fell asleep during the final phase of the treatment.

My therapist Carmen was wonderful, offering me a hot tea with honey, post treatment. I was tempted to spend the rest of my day in the relaxing atmosphere of the Spa Del Mar, but the intoxicating scent of cacao had me hungry for dinner.

Yucatan Spa - Spa Del Mar

I turned heads in the elevator on the way back to my room as I emanated the sweet smell of a dessert. Make sure you indulge in a traditional Yucatán meal before you go or you’ll be back in your room filling up on macarons and other sweet treats. 

Santos Luxury Hotel and Spa in Cancun - Room with a view

Sandos and Spa Del Mar hosted me for this treatment, but as always all thoughts and words are my own.





  1. Kelly Kellogg March 5, 2017 at 11:40 pm - Reply

    AWesome place! Bet you were in heaven!

  2. kristen March 6, 2017 at 12:26 am - Reply

    I was! Spa Del Mar was such a nice place to relax after a long week of travel photography!

  3. Suze April 19, 2017 at 11:06 pm - Reply

    You had me at chocolate! Although I’d be tempted to eat it 😉 Sounds like a very relaxing experience

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