MAUI – A Swell Life

When I sat at home writing finalizing the script for the film you’ll watch below, I spent my time overwhelmed with happiness and even a few happy tears thinking back to the fifteen strong, beautiful women I met on this journey with SwellWomen.

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Each had their own unique story as to why they had arrived to be there in Maui: some were there just for fun and others for a deeper reason. Some traveled together celebrating friendships and others solo.

Although I crafted the story in the film to my best ability to accurately represent what the SwellWomen experience embodies and the emotions I personally felt while I was there spending time with this group of women for seven days, this story isn’t mine.

It is not one persons story.
It is so many women’s stories.

After a long intense week of learning to surf (or fine tuning what you already know), sunset yoga practice, sailing adventures, playing in the magical underwater world just beyond the Maui shoreline, exploring the island on foot and just plain relaxing by the pool, on the lawn or in the sand, on the last day of each SwellWomen retreat everyone sat around in a circle and spoke about their experience. It was an powerful gift to see women leaving the island so motivated, so changed, and so deeply inspired.

Too often we become so entangled in our ins and outs of daily life…what we think we’re suppose to do and forget the person we really are. Being able to participate and capture SwellWomen on Maui taught me so much.

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After working my tail off while traveling and doing what I love for the past five out of six months, it was only after I got to Maui that I realized it was time to give myself a little travel break And some time to heal. Not only from the back injury I’ve been dealing with since August, but a few other struggles I’m working through.

In life, you will go through really rough bumpy long roads at times. And you will also experience the most amazing highs in your careers and personal lives. The past year and a half of working for myself has a whole lot of bliss and sometimes a real beautiful bitch, an incredible amount of work, but the most amazing five months of my traveling life to date.

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I sit here today on a plane to New York City to begin my first real adventures of the year typing these last words. I’ve got big plans for my life and I’m not about to let anything stop me from living. Whatever you’re working through, I hope you’ll promise yourself the very same.

If you’re looking for an active adventure that just might shift the way your life plays out, I highly recommend hopping on board with SwellWomen. I can’t wait to join in on one of their destinations in 2016.

Thank You!
Ian McLeod + Cleod9 Music for the always amazing tunes in our films.
Justin Edwards of DroneAbove
Stephen of Maui Digital Images
Goofy Foot Surf School
And to my incredible rockin’ surfer/model Jodel Edwards


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