Happy Birthday World Wide Web: 25 Years Ago Today…

by Kristen Kellogg

Can you believe it? 

As I rolled out of bed this morning to check my emails and social channels, Facebook reminded me that the World Wide Web is 25 years old today. Happy birthday internet! Looking back, it’s kind of crazy to think we didn’t even have the internet until I was nine years old. These days, many nine year olds have their own iPhone already. I didn’t get my first mobile (flip)phone – no wifi included – until I was well into college.

I honestly can’t even begin to fathom where I’d be today without the internet. All of my travel searches for deals and steals on long haul flights, favorite newsletters in my inbox, Instagram posts, and constant reminders of what my friends are up to even when we can’t be in the same place at the same time.

Technology and social platforms like Instagram have wholly changed my business and travel life. You can read more about it in my post here. The incredible way the internet has allowed me to connect with people all over the world, to collaborate with other artists, creatives, and travelers with whom I would have never had the opportunity to let alone meet or cross e-paths with if the internet didn’t exist.


For as much time as I spend on the internet sharing my creative ventures and connecting with others, I try to spend a little time everyday offline. While I deeply value the internet, I think that we all need little reminders to unplug, disconnect, put our devices away, and get out into the world and explore. I love taking long hikes, and bike rides off the beaten path trails. Nothing on the internet can replace the real life feelings like breaths of fresh air that fill our lungs in a wide open field, the crunch of the pine needles under your bike tires while you’re riding through the forest, the way the sand feels between your toes, a conversation in person (not via text or FaceTime) with a friend who makes you laugh so hard you cry, the feelings of holding a hand, and so so much more.

So today, or tomorrow, or maybe even next week, let’s take some time to be thankful for the internet by take some time to yourself, or to spend quality time disconnecting from the World Wide Web and investing that time in the people around you.

Maybe instead of prompting my next Instagram takeover, I’ll even fly myself back home and take over my family’s life for the weekend. Wouldn’t that be nice.

So. What will you do?


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